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Pet Dental FAQs

Pet Dental FAQs and Answers from our Bloomington Veterinarian

Here at Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital, Dr. David Tatro and the team provide comprehensive pet care in Bloomington, IL. A major aspect of pet care involves dental checkups and teeth cleanings. As a result, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we get from pet owners. 

dog holding a toothbrush in its mouth

Does My Pet Need to Get a Dental Check?

Yes, we recommend that dogs and cats receive a dental checkup at least once a year. To make it easier for you, we will generally schedule a pet dental check along with their annual wellness exam. However, if your pet is showing signs of tooth decay, tooth loss, or trauma to their mouth you should bring them to the veterinarian in Bloomington, IL as soon as possible. This constitutes a pet emergency and could be life-threatening for your pet if left untreated.

Do I Need to Brush My Pet’s Teeth?

Yes. A dog or cat should have their teeth brushed on a routine basis. Typically we recommend brushing your pet’s teeth every few days. We can help you choose a pet-friendly toothbrush, as well as pet treats that provide dental health benefits. When you brush your dog or cat’s teeth, this is the perfect time to look at their mouth and gums for signs of oral issues.

What Should I Expect When I Take My Pet for Teeth Cleaning at the Vet? 

For pets, a teeth cleaning requires the use of general anesthesia. This is both for the comfort of your pet, as well as the safety of the vet and assistants. Prior to your pet’s teeth cleaning appointment we will need to run blood tests to ensure the animal can safely be given anesthesia. Once the pet’s teeth cleaning and dental checkup are complete, they will be ready to return home. 

Request Pet Dental Care in Bloomington, IL Today

Whether it is your pet’s first time receiving dental care in Bloomington, IL, or you simply want to start visiting a new veterinarian, we are here to assist you. At the Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital, we provide comprehensive pet care including annual wellness checks, pet vaccinations, pet surgery, and emergency pet care. Contact our office today at 309-663-1414 to schedule an appointment for pet dental care.

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