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How to Prepare For Your First Road Trip With Your Pet

How to Prepare For Your First Road Trip With Your Pet 

Planning for a travel trip can be stressful, especially if you need to plan around your pet. Traveling with a cat or a dog will often pose a challenge to the pet owner. Questions will arise, like how to keep the pet calm and behaved or how to feed and water the pet. Below you can find the top tips to travel with your pet. 

Pack Essentials 

During the packing stage, you will need to find the right supplies for your pet. Water bowls, dish bowels, poop bags, leash, and dog food are the must-have essentials for any trip. Depending on the type of dog, you may also need medication, a kennel, a dog bed, tags, medical records, and toys. 

Create a Space for the Pet 

Creating a designated area will help your cat or dog settle in more comfortable. Try to place a dog bed in a reasonably comfortable area of the car. If you need to keep the pet contained in one space, use a kennel. 

Don't Feed the Pet Right Before the Trip 

If it's a long road trip, feed your cat or dog a light meal a few hours before the trip. If your pet is drinking water right before departure, he or she will likely need to urinate soon. 

Take Plenty of Rest Stop Breaks 

Use the leash to take your pet for a walk around the rest stop. This will give the pet an opportunity to use the bathroom and to stretch his or her legs. Animals tend to get antsy and whiny if left sitting in a cramped space for too long. You can also use the rest stop as an opportunity to feed or water your pet. 

Become Familiar with Veterinary First-Aid Techniques 

Your pet may experience a high amount of stress during a road trip, and that could lead to a medical emergency of some kind. If the emergency becomes serious enough, visit a veterinary care center. 

Our Veterinarian in Bloomington 

If you are looking for a quality veterinarian in Bloomington, Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital can help. We can provide urgent care for traveling pets. Call 309-663-1414 to learn more about our services. 

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