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  • Pet Neutering FAQ
    Pet Neutering FAQ from Fairway Knolls Veterinary HospitalHaving a puppy or kitten involves making some big decisions early in their life. For starters, do you want to continue having more Read more
  • Pet Dental Care
    Good Dental Care With Our Bloomington Veterinarian Ensures Better Health and A Longer LifeLike people, pets are subject to dental problems that can cause discomfort and can affect their ability Read more
  • How Do Veterinarians Treat Pet Allergies?
    How Do Bloomington Veterinarians Treat Pet Allergies?Just like human allergies, pet allergies are on the rise in the U.S. Allergies can leave your dog, cat, or other pet miserable and Read more
  • How Does Spay or Neuter Surgery Work?
    How Does Spay or Neuter Surgery Work with our Bloomington Veterinarian?Just like most of the country, Bloomington has unwanted, homeless dogs and cats. The lucky ones will get new homes, Read more
  • Top Pet Vaccinations
    Top Pet Vaccinations in Bloomington, ILPet vaccinations in Bloomington, IL are more than just a type of preventative treatment for your pet. Pet vaccines also protect humans, as well as Read more
  • Ask Your Bloomington Veterinarian about Cat Declawing
    Ask Your Bloomington Veterinarian about Cat DeclawingDeciding whether or not to declaw your cat is a serious decision, and you shouldn’t go into it lightly. If you’re wondering whether or Read more
  • Are You Ready to Board Your Pets in Bloomington for the Holidays?
    Our Veterinarian in Bloomington Asks, “Are You Ready to Board your Pets for the Holidays?” Are you considering boarding your pet for the holidays? If so, there are some steps Read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Emergency Pet Care
    Emergency Pet Care FAQ’s Answered by our Veterinarian in BloomingtonEven the most conscientious pet owner may be faced with a pet emergency at some time in their pet’s life. Sudden Read more

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