Emergency Pet Care

Emergency Pet Care from our Veterinarian in Bloomington

Veterinarian with dog who broke a leg

At Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital, we know how much your pets mean to you, and we can provide the immediate care your pet needs in times of sudden physical distress.  A pet emergency can occur at any time and can be very upsetting. Common incidents involve fights with other animals, being hit by a car or sudden medical conditions that cause severe symptoms. When these problems occur, you need a veterinarian with the knowledge and experience to provide the necessary care quickly.

At Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians in Bloomington provide a variety of emergency care procedures during office hours or can refer you to an emergency veterinary clinic if the problem occurs during non-office hours.

Recognizing a Pet Emergency

Here is what constitutes a pet emergency:

  • Severe bleeding or coughing up or passing blood in urine or feces requires immediate care.
  • Breathing problems or rapid heart rate should prompt an immediate visit to the vet.
  • If your pet appears to have broken a bone or cannot stand, you should see a vet quickly.
  • Unconsciousness or severe disorientation should prompt a call for quick help.
  • Seizures or signs of severe anxiety or pain should be evaluated immediately.
  • Inability to urinate or defecate also constitutes an emergency.
  • Heat stress or changes in body temperature also indicate immediate care.

Getting Your Pet Back To Health

Our veterinarians provide the needed immediate care to help your pet in an emergency, along with the careful monitoring they may need to get back to health. Your vet may order x-rays, blood tests and other diagnostics to pinpoint the problem. Emergency care may include IV fluids, wound care, oxygen supplementation, nutritional support, surgery and other procedures.

When your pet has recovered sufficiently, you will be provided with instructions for home care. If necessary, we can also refer you to veterinary specialists to continue your pet’s care and full recovery.                                                                                                                                                           

Contact Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital for Emergency Vet Care in Bloomington

The team at Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital provides a full range of veterinary services to their patients. With state-of-the-art equipment and the most current techniques, we can ensure your pet has the individualized care needed at all stages of life. If your pet is having an emergency during our normal hours of operation, make sure to call ahead so we can be ready and administer the care you need as soon as you

Call Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital today at 309-663-1414 for an appointment to learn more about emergency pet care Bloomington residents can trust.




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