Pet Vaccinations

Protect Your Pet With Vaccinations

Your pet is part of the family. As a part of your family, you'll go to great lengths to keep him both safe and happy. One important step in taking care of your pet is staying up to date on vaccinations. These vaccinations will keep him safe from everything including rabies to drinking bad puddle water. Staying up to date on these vaccinations can be tricky to remember. Thankfully, at Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital you'll have access to a team of vets and our helpful staff that will stay on top of when your pet needs to be vaccinated.


Protect Your Pet With Vaccinations

There are several vaccinations that your pet will need to protect him from several dangers. You already know about rabies and what can happen if he is not properly vaccinated for that disease. However, there are other ways your pet may get sick if you are not careful. From drinking dirty water outside to catching something from another pet at the dog park that hasn't been vaccinated, there are many ways for a pet to get sick. Thankfully, by staying up on his vaccinations you'll greatly reduce the possible issues that surround you and your pet.

Catch Other Health Problems Early

One of the benefits of regularly taking your pet in to see the vet is to catch other health problems early. It is difficult to know when your pet might be suffering from a medical problem. A vet can identify any problems, either through some of the blood work that is required for several vaccinations or from a physical examination.

By catching the health problem early, your pet will have a greater chance of recovery, and it will be less expensive to remedy. By not doing anything about the health problem your pet may begin to suffer from other health conditions, which are more dangerous and costly to treat.

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Whether you're currently in search of a new vet, want a location that is closer to your home, or you just adopted your new forever furry friend, the staff at Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital is here for you. To find out more about the veterinary services that we offer or to set up an appointment for your pet to see what vaccinations are needed based on his medical history, contact Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital at (309) 663-1414. We also have appointment booking options through our website, setting up your next appointment has never been easier.

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