Things to Know about Pet Surgery

The need for pet surgery can be as great a concern for pet owners as human surgery is for family members. When your veterinarian recommends surgery, whether it's necessitated by an accident, injury, illness, or chronic condition, it is worrisome and stressful. At Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital in Bloomington, we understand that anxiety, and our team, led by Dr. David Tatro, will do everything possible to ease your fears and assure a good outcome for your pet.

Because animals cannot talk, it's important for pet owners understand the warning signs of illness that point to a need for surgery, and to be aware of any post-surgery symptoms that could signal a problem. We encourage pet owners to ask us as many questions as necessary both before and after surgery. 


Understanding the Reasons for Surgery

Our animal hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and our professional veterinary practitioners are not only well-trained and highly skilled, but also compassionate and dedicated. It is our goal to ensure that every animal in our care can lead a long, active, and healthy life. However, despite our best efforts, animals get sick, and accidents happen. 

There are many reasons your pet might need surgery:

  • To set a broken bone,
  • To remove a suspicious lump or growth,
  • To repair an injured internal organ,
  • To treat a wound,
  • To diagnose a medical condition: Exploratory surgery,
  • To prevent unwanted pregnancies.

In addition, dental procedures sometimes require than an animal be anesthetized, and certain other treatments might require local or short-term anesthesia so our veterinary team can perform other needed procedures.

How to Prepare and What to Expect

Unless it is an emergency, our team will discuss treatment options with you, and outline their reasons for recommending surgery, as well as any risks that may be associated with a specific procedure. Typically, pet surgery is relatively quick and easy. However, during surgery, you can be confident that the doctor and surgical assistants will closely monitor your pet's general condition, breathing, and heart rate. Recovery, depending on the procedure, may require some time spent in our animal hospital, or it may be all right for you to bring your pet home to rest in a familiar environment.

No matter what is involved, our staff will prepare you for what to expect, and provide you with full instructions concerning medications, diet, and care for the wound or incision. If there is a need for follow-up examination, we will schedule a return visit at the appropriate time.

Your Pet's Health Is Our Business

Our highly-respected animal hospital in Bloomington, Illinois, is your ally for exceptional pet care. contact us now to schedule an appointment for a routine checkup, discuss concerns about your pet's health, or talk about an upcoming surgical procedure.

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