Vomiting/Upset Stomach

When to Take Pets to the Veterinarian for Vomiting

Just like in humans, your pet relies on a normal functioning digestive system as a primary feature of good health. Unfortunately, an animal, like humans can suffer from digestive problems, especially in their stomach. When there is a problem with their digestive system, pets will experience an upset stomach and vomiting. Although it’s common for pets to occasionally experience digestive problems, if they frequently suffer from an upset stomach or are vomiting more than usual, it’s important to take them to the animal hospital in Bloomington to be examined by a veterinarian.


Causes for an Upset Stomach

One of the most common causes of an upset stomach is diet. Cats are generally more picky eaters than cats, so they tend to suffer from stomach issues less than dogs where their diet is concerned. However, both can experience symptoms from a virus, allergic reactions or parasites.  If you suspect your pet is suffering from a stomach ache resulting from these issues, it is essential that they have veterinary care as soon as possible to prevent further problems.

When to Take Your Animal to the Veterinarian for an Upset Stomach

Although vomiting is common among animals, it may develop into a serious, potentially fatal problem. Mild digestive issues tend to get better on their own, especially if it is related to their diet. If your pet is vomiting and you have recently changed their diet, change back to what they are used to and see if their symptoms improve. However, there are times when your animal should be taken to the animal hospital right away, including:

  • Frequent recurring bouts of vomiting over a short period
  • The animal appears to be in pain
  • Their abdomen is swollen
  • There is blood in their vomit

The most important thing to do if your pet has an upset stomach and is vomiting is to check for signs of potential problems, such as swelling of the abdomen. If your pet appears to be depressed, is fatigued or showing signs of potential parasites, poisoning or injury that may be causing their distress, you should take them to the animal hospital immediately.

For questions or concerns about your pet and problems with the digestive system, contact Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital in Bloomington. You can call us at 309-663-1414.

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