What to Expect at Fairway Knolls Veterinary Animal Hospital

At Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital in Bloomington, IL, we have a great love for animals and an understanding of how worried someone feels when their pet becomes sick or injured. We provide routine care to assure pets continue to live a healthy life and provide emergency care when a pet is ill or has had an accident. We provide the full range of veterinary procedures anyone would expect from a group of professional veterinarians, and our staff is trained as assistants and for office management duties to assure your pet is cared for with appropriate records.

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Routine Pet Care Services

The first thing a new pet needs is vaccinations, spay or neuter service, a microchip implanted, and to meet the veterinarian who is to be their regular doctor. Pets need a checkup once per year just like people, and it's arguably more important for a pet because they can't always express specifically when they are feeling pain or discomfort in a way you can understand. A person understands when they need to see a doctor, a pet doesn't and therefore needs to be checked regularly for routine health problems specific to the breed or common illness that can occur.

Specific Conditions and Emergency Treatment

Specific conditions are different from routine care, yet also explain the need for regular veterinary visits. When a pet is injured, they are going to be upset and uncomfortable, which is not the best time to take them to a new place to meet new people. If your pet has already been to our veterinary hospital and met our staff, it will make it easier to bring in your pet when sick or injured. Although it's impossible to make a comprehensive and exhaustive list of potential conditions or injuries your pet could endure. An experienced veterinarian will know how to treat anything which goes wrong, whether the pet ingested a toxin, had a tussle with another dog or wild animal, or is experiencing certain conditions known to cause discomfort in that breed of pets as they age.

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For top veterinary care for your pet, give us a call at 309.663.1414 to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors at Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital in Bloomington, IL. You'll find all our staff to be professional and courteous, prepared to ease your mind as we take care of your pet and get them back to great health and help plan a long and happy life.

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Meet Our Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr.
    David Tatro

    Dr. Tatro graduated from University of Illinois in 1984 and is originally from central Illinois. He takes interest in skin/allergy cases as well as gastro-intestinal disorders, but considers himself the ultimate general practitioner. Dr. Tatro has owned the Fairway Knolls Veterinary Clinic since 1987.

  • Dr.
    Greg Anderson
    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Anderson completed his pre-veterinary schooling at ICC and ISU before earning his DVM at the University of Illinois in 2007. His veterinary interests include surgery and cytology. Dr. Anderson has been working at Fairway Knolls since 2015, typically working Wednesdays, Fridays, and weekends. When he isn’t treating animals, Dr. Anderson and his wife Kathy are busy at home taking care of 5 children and an assortment of reptiles and amphibians. In his spare time, Dr. Anderson enjoys competing with his local bowling league and doing woodworking.

  • Chrissie
    Office Manager & Veterinary Assistant

    Chrissie has been working for Dr. Tatro for over 12 years. She graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Psychology. She grew up showing horses and continued her passion with her daughter Ashley. Chrissie has a goldendoodle named Gracie and enjoys working on her health and fitness when she is not at the clinic.

  • Megan
    Hospital Manager, Ultrasound Technician, & Veterinary Assistant

    Megan has been a part of the Fairway Knolls team since 2010. While originally taking charge of kennels and boarding, Megan is a full-time assistant and attended the Sound Form Seminar to perfect her ultrasound techniques. She has a full house of furry friends, including three dogs (Daisy-Flower, Emma, & Reece) and a cat named Smokey. When Megan isn’t working at the clinic, you can often find her pet-sitting and cooking with family and friends.

  • Allison
    Nutrition Specialist & Veterinary Assistant

    Growing up with an obvious love for animals, it was an easy choice for Allison to join the veterinary field. Allison earned her BA from Eastern Illinois University and joined the Fairway Knolls Vet team in 2012 as a full-time veterinary assistant. In 2013 she went to Midwest National Healing for Animals – Equine Massage/Rehab School and became a certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist (CESMT). In 2016 she became a certified Pet Nutritionalist from Hills Pet Nutrition. Outside of work, Allison enjoys spending time with family and friends, riding her horses, and working out.

  • Lindsay
    Lindsay – Digital Media Manager & Veterinary Assistant

    Lindsay has been working at Fairway Knolls since 2015. She graduated from Illinois State University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology. One of her jobs is to make sure that Fairway Knolls always has a positive presence on social media, and loves to hear client feedback. In her free time Lindsay enjoys reading, crafting, and watching sci-fi movies with her two cats and fiancé.

  • Danielle
    Kennel Manager & Veterinary Assistant

    Danielle has been attending to the animals at Fairway Knolls since 2015. She is in charge of organizing and taking care of the daily kennel duties while your pets board at the clinic. At home, Danielle has three cats: Wilson, Yoshi, and Oliver. When she isn’t at work, Danielle enjoys spending time with friends and playing volleyball.

  • Rae Aldridge
    Rae Aldridge – Kennel Assistant

    Rae has been working for Fairway Knolls since 2017. She is a senior at Lexington High School. She plans to attend college and pursue a career in criminal justice so she can be an animal control officer. She has a home full of animals, including dogs, cats, lizards, pygmy goats, and parakeets. In her free time, Rae likes being outdoors with her favorite dog Peanut.

  • Stephen Weis
    Kennel Assistant

    Coming soon...

  • Stubby Tatro
    Stubby Tatro – Clinic Cat

    Stubby has been welcoming patients at the Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital for 14 years. He was brought to Dr. Tatro as a kitten and underwent several surgeries before having to amputate his back leg. He now lives full-time at the clinic. Stubby enjoys eating, sleeping in the cabinets, and bossing the dogs around. You can receive updates on Stubby and other clinic news by following him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stubby.tatro


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  • "Great vet and staff helpful and caring willing to help no matter what the issue Doctor Tatro is the best!"
    Myra N.
  • "I've been taking my puppy here since I first got her. I love the staff and they all do a wonderful job when I have any questions, they also take wonderful care of Chevy :)"
    Nina L.
  • "We have been bringing our fur-babies to Dr. Tatro since he opened. We love Dr. Tatro and the girls. The fur-babies get so excited when they get to go visit. :)"
    Sherri J.