Entrust Your Kitten Care to a Veterinarian in Bloomington

Bringing home a new kitten is a special time for families. At Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital, we understand that dreamy honeymoon phase with your bundle of squeaky fluff. However, it is important to call as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for kitten care in Bloomington. In order to keep those joyous beginnings going strong for years to come, it is important that we meet your new addition and help you get started on leading a healthy lifestyle together. Kittens need a series of vaccines just like a human baby. Start the vaccinations at 7-8 weeks of age. Our “Kitten Package” covers your pet through this period of life.(Does not cover other illness, disease, exotic parasites)

Kitten Package: $225

Health Exam – Initial Exam on your new kitten.

Vaccines – Series of Three “Kitten Vaccines” ( Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus,  Panleukopenia, Chlamydia)

Rabies Vaccine -  Given at 4 Months of Age

De-Worming – All kittens have internal parasites. We need to administer the treatment at each visit.

Fecal Test –  Using the new PCR test for 33 different types of parasites

Who Will You Meet at Your Bloomington Veterinary Hospital?

It may help you to know more about what you can expect from your first visit to our office to see our own Bloomington veterinarian, Dr. David Tatro - Veterinarian, DVM, and the rest of our devoted pet care team. In addition to Dr. Tatro, you may also run into our hospital administrator, ultrasound technician, and one or more of our three veterinarian's assistants. We are all here to give your kitten the best care, welcoming him or her to your family and ours.

What to Expect at an Introductory Appointment with Veterinarian in Bloomington

Your Bloomington veterinary hospital can help you understand your kitten's needs and identify any problems that arise. We want to get to know the base line health of your kitten to learn whether there are any underlying conditions we need to monitor or treat.

You might take a few of the following precautions before visiting with your kitten for your first Bloomington veterinarian visit together:

  • Make sure you have a safe and comfortable cat carrier in which you can transport your new family friend to our office.
  • Compile and bring any medical history and a list of vaccines administered and existing conditions that you know of.
  • Upon request, bring a fecal sample

Below are the services we extend during your kitten's first visit with our pet care team at your veterinarian in Bloomington:

  • Health Examination. We will check out your new kitten from head to toe to make sure he or she is healthy and ready for action, without reservations.
  • Fecal Test. We will send the stool sample that you bring to the Bloomington veterinary hospital lab for analysis to check for parasites.
  • De-Worming. All kittens have internal parasites, so it is important that we employ the best treatment for each visit you and your kitten make to our pet care facility.
  • Vaccines. The kitten phase of a cat's life is, for better or worse, a time filled with vaccinations. There are three vaccination phases known as the “Kitten Vaccines” and are known as Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus,  Panleukopenia, and Chlamydia. Also, at four months old, we will request that you and your kitten come in for their rabies vaccination. 

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We hope you make your first Bloomington veterinarian appointment with us soon so we can give your new furry housemate the all clear. Call us today at (309) 663-1414!


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