Pet Surgery FAQs

Pet Surgery FAQs for Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital


When your pet needs surgery in Bloomington, whether it's a routine spay or neuter, or something more serious, it's good to know that you have the expertise of our caring and knowledgeable staff at Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital. Our primary veterinarian, Dr. David Tatro, has been in general practice for more than 35 years and brings with it his caring and experience that is unparalleled. Your pet is in excellent hands in our animal hospital, but you may have concerns regarding pet surgery. Here are some common FAQs and our answers:

Will My Pet Need Anesthetic?

In most cases, your pet will need to have general anesthetic during surgery to ensure his comfort and safety. In some minor surgeries, our veterinarian may opt for a sedative and a local anesthetic when the surgery is minor and on the skin, but in most cases, your pet will have to be anesthetized. We use the latest and best anesthesia to ensure safety.

Why Do You Recommend Pain Medication After Surgery?

Studies have shown that your pet is in less pain and heals faster when given pain medication following surgery. Your pet will feel better faster while on pain medication, and he will be less likely to chew on his sutures.

Why Do You Have a Pet Wear a Cone After Surgery?

The surgical cone is to prevent your pet from licking and biting the surgical incision after the surgery. While it is inconvenient and most pets hate the cone, it is necessary to ensure healing. Your pet will have to wear the cone for seven to ten days after surgery to ensure the incision heals properly and without infection. Your pet will need to wear the cone while sleeping, eating, and during waking hours. Although an inconvenience, most pets do adapt to the cone after a couple of days, although you may have to show him that he can still eat and drink while wearing it.

What Should I Do if I Notice Redness or Discharge Coming from the Surgical Incision?

If you see redness or notice a discharge coming from the incision, you should contact us right away. Although infection is rare, we may wish to schedule an appointment to look at the incision to make sure it isn't getting infected.


Will My Pet Be Able to Go Home the Same Day as the Surgery?

In most cases, your pet will stay the night to overcome the effects of the anesthesia, receive post-operative care, and also to stay under observation after the surgery. Unless there is a reason to keep your pet longer than one night, your pet can go home the next day. However, some simple surgeries, like spay and neuter procedures, are conducted on an outpatient basis.

If your pet needs surgery in Bloomington, contact us today at Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital, for an appointment.


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