Pet Surgery

What You Need to Know About Pet Surgery

The best visits to the animal hospital are always uneventful. Unfortunately, there may be times when your pet requires treatment beyond routine care, and your veterinarian may mention that your pet needs surgery. At Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital, we make pet surgery accessible to all Bloomington residents. 

pet spay n neuter surgery

The prospect of your pet undergoing surgery can be overwhelming. Allow us to shed more light on this form of veterinary treatment so you can better understand what to expect. Use the information in this article to prepare better for your pet's upcoming procedure.

Why Does Your Pet Need Surgery?

A veterinarian may recommend pet surgery for various reasons, some of which are fairly routine. Spaying and neutering are procedures recommended for all pets. While these are technically considered surgical procedures, their risks are minimal, and you can expect your pet to be fine after their veterinary hospital appointment.

Your veterinarian may also consider surgery as a treatment option if your furry friend ingested a foreign object. Unless the foreign object in question passes through your pet's digestive tract, surgery may be required to remove it.

Certain health issues that develop over time may not respond to medication and other forms of treatment, making surgery the most effective option. Pets experiencing severe dental problems are prime candidates for surgery, which may involve removing a problematic tooth. Aging pets struggling with joint pain may also benefit greatly from surgery, as it can help restore their activity levels.

How Do You Prepare Your Pet for Surgery?

Your appointment with a veterinarian near you is quickly approaching. Is there anything you can do to prepare your animal companion for their upcoming procedure? Preparing your pet for surgery mainly involves following the veterinarian's instructions. They will inform you if your pet should refrain from eating for a while and will run the necessary tests to ensure your pet is healthy enough for surgery.

Your primary responsibility as a pet owner is to monitor your beloved companion before their hospital trip. Note any changes in their behavior or adverse reactions to food or medication. Share your observations with the veterinarian so they can determine if proceeding with the procedure is the right course of action.

Leave Your Pet's Surgery to Us

Pet surgery is safe when performed by an expert veterinarian. Let us at Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital handle the procedure. Call us today or visit our Bloomington location to schedule your pet's appointment.


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