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Top Pet Vaccinations

Top Pet Vaccinations in Bloomington, IL

pet vaccinations with a Bloomington veterinarian

Pet vaccinations in Bloomington, IL are more than just a type of preventative treatment for your pet. Pet vaccines also protect humans, as well as other pets. The issue is that most pet owners are unsure about which vaccines are important for their dog or cat. Dr. David Tatro of Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital is ready to help you learn more about the top pet vaccinations and what to consider when vaccinating your pet.

What is the Most Common Pet Vaccines I Need for My Pet?

Also known as the core vaccines, dogs and cats need to get certain vaccinations as part of their general health care needs. For dogs, the core vaccinations include rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and canine hepatitis. Cats need to get rabies shots, as well as feline distemper, feline herpesvirus type I, and feline calicivirus. You can also get additional pet vaccines, but you want to check with our Bloomington vet first. These non-essential vaccines including Bordetella or Leptospira bacteria vaccines can benefit some pets but are not vital for all pets. 

Do I Have to Get Certain Pet Vaccinations?

You are required to get certain pet vaccinations, namely the rabies vaccine. According to Illinois state law, you are required to get your dog and cat vaccinated against rabies. More specifically, all dogs must get the vaccine when they turn four months old. A booster shot for rabies must be administered a year after the initial vaccine. After that, all dogs need additional rabies boosters every three years.

How Often Must My Pet Get Vaccinated?

Depending on the type of vaccination, you may have to get a booster shot later in their life. However, you will receive specific vaccine schedules for your pet from your vet when they receive their first vaccinations. After the pet has received its core vaccines and any first-year boosters, they are generally ok for at least seven years. After that time, they may need additional vaccine boosters, depending on their health.

Find a Vet in Bloomington, IL for Pet Vaccinations

Here at Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital, we specialize in providing the right pet vaccinations for dogs and cats. We take into consideration the pet’s lifestyle, home environment, and health condition before recommending additional pet vaccines. Contact our office at 309-663-1414 to request an appointment for a health check and pet vaccinations in Bloomington, IL.

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