Pet Dental FAQs

Your pets depend on their teeth in order to eat food and to protect themselves. However, pets do not have the ability to clean their teeth as humans do. This means that they are at a higher risk of developing various dental complications that could end up threatening their well-being. Fortunately, Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital in Bloomington has everything that you need to take care of your pet's teeth. Let's take a closer look at some of the frequently asked questions about pet dental care and how we can assist you when your furry friend needs some help.


How Common Are Pet Dental Problems?

Pet dental problems are more common than you think. Your pets can collect tartar on their teeth which can end up creating a safe haven for bacteria in their mouth. Pet's aren't able to remove this tartar and as such, they have a higher risk of infection in their mouths.

What Are Some Signs That My Pet Needs Dental Care?

One of the most common signs that you can recognize is stinky breath. While most animals have breath that we find gross, pets who are suffering from dental issues will have a distinct smell that is repulsive to humans. This is something that you will want to look into getting fixed since it is being caused by bacteria in the mouth.

How Often Should I Get My Pet's Teeth Cleaned?

While this answer may vary depending on the severity of the dental problems that your pets have, we recommend that you bring your pet to us every six months for a deep cleaning. Our deep cleanings are designed to prevent various dental diseases such as periodontal disease from occurring that can lead to expensive vet bills in the future. Staying on top of your pet's teeth will save you and them from unwanted situations in the future.

Your Veterinarian in Bloomington

Your pet cannot communicate with us in the way that our children can whenever they have a toothache or if something is wrong with their mouths. This means that we have to take a proactive stance on treating pet dental problems before they can become something serious in the future. Fortunately, Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital in Bloomington has everything needed to treat your pet's dental problems and stay on top of it in the future. Give us a call today at (309) 663-1414 to schedule your pet’s appointment to make sure that they stay smiling for years to come.

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