Things All Cat Owners Should Know

If you are planning to adopt a cat, it is important that you understand that it is a big responsibility. Sure, cats are very independent; however, you are going to need to care for him properly if he is going to live a happy, healthy life. Before you bring your new cat home, there are a few things that you should know.

Litter Box

Cats make great pets because you don't need to take them outdoors to go to the bathroom. Your new cat will use the litter box; however, it is up to you to keep it clean. Cats are very clean animals, and if the litter box isn't clean, your cat won't want to use it. You should scoop the box every day and make sure that there are at least 3-inches of litter in the box. If you live in a multi-floor home, you should keep a box on each floor so that your pet can easily get to the litter box.


Most cats love soft cat food. You can give your cat a can of food each day; however, you should keep a bowl full of dry food out at all times. This will allow your cat to eat when he gets hungry. Also, hard cat food is helpful for your cat's oral health because it will scrape the plaque and tartar from his teeth when he eats.


It is important that you have your cat spayed or neutered. If you have a female cat, this procedure will eliminate the possibility of her getting uterine and ovarian cancers. It will also greatly reduce the risk of breast cancer.

If you have a male cat, neutering him will reduce his chance of developing prostate cancer. Also, neutered cats are less likely to escape from the home trying to find a mate. It will also make him less aggressive.

Annual Wellness Checks

Your cat is going to need to see the veterinarian every year. Yearly veterinary visits will ensure the health of your cat. He will have a complete checkup, a weight check, and he will get the necessary vaccinations.

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