3 Amazingly Healthy Treats for Your Dog

3 Healthy Treats for Your Dog

If you want to give your dog truly healthy treats, turn your attention to single ingredient snacks. These treats offer the ultimate in simplicity to keep your dog’s system working right. Your dog will undoubtedly love single ingredient treats enough to stay motivated through every training session. To get started in finding the best treats for your dog, try these three amazingly healthy snacks.

Dehydrated Meat

Dehydrated meat makes an excellent treat for dogs, large and small. You can dehydrate the meat yourself or buy it already prepared in the store. The meat may be cut into small chunks or ground and extruded before dehydrating. You should not add any herbs or spices to the meat to keep it simple for your pet.

Dried Sweet Potatoes

When dried in the oven, sweet potatoes are an excellent treat for dogs. You can create small or large chunks, depending on the needs of your dog. You may also be able to find sweet potato chews at the pet store, but check for unnecessary filler ingredients before you buy.

Fresh Carrots

You might find this surprising, but fresh carrots are one of the cheapest and easiest treats dogs love. You can simply toss a carrot to your dog and let them gnaw on the vegetable to their heart’s content. This treat is especially good for overweight pets who are working toward a slimmer waistline.

How Your Bloomington Veterinarian Can Help Keep Your Dog Healthy

When you start looking around, you can treat your dog to the healthiest snacks available today. You can also work together with your veterinarian at your trusted Bloomington animal hospital to keep your pet healthy. When you schedule an appointment at Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital, you can ensure your pet receives the care needed to remain in great health year after year. Call our animal hospital at (309) 663-1414 to start planning your visit.


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