Senior Pet Care

It’s sad to think that pets get old, but it’s part of life. The good news is pets are living longer, healthier lives thanks to the care they are given and advances in veterinary care. As a pet owner, if you’re unsure what steps you should take as your pet gets older, Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital, your Bloomington, IL, veterinarian and animal hospital, wants to share some information with you.

Visit the Veterinarian Regularly

Senior pets need to visit the veterinarian regularly for wellness checkups. This is more important than ever before because it is during these checkups that early detection of disease can occur. Some conditions that may be detected early, allowing treatment to begin, include obesity, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, liver disease, and cataracts.

Senior pets diagnosed with a medical condition will need to be seen more frequently, as their condition will need to be monitored.

Start Your Pet on a High-Quality Diet

The food your pet has been eating is likely no longer appropriate. Your pet is not nearly as active as it once was, and as a result, isn’t burning as many calories. If your pet continues to eat the same food in the same amount, as well as snacks and table food, it may develop obesity. Therefore, it is important to consider a higher quality food tailored to your pet’s individual health. Your veterinarian can assist you in finding the best type of food.

Keep Your Pet Active

Although your senior pet may be slowing down a bit, it is imperative you keep it as active as possible. This will keep your pet healthier and stronger. Make sure you keep toys around your pet and play with them. Take your pet on walks around the block, and for cats, provide some climbing opportunities. Exercise is a great way to stay healthy.

Need a Veterinarian and Animal Hospital in Bloomington, IL?

Give your senior pet some extra TLC, and you’ll be rewarded with additional years of love. If you need help learning how to take care of your senior pet and prevent many of the ailments that plague them, including arthritis, obesity, and cancer, schedule an appointment with Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital. Give our Bloomington, IL, office a call today at (309) 663-1414.


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