Common Questions about Pet Dental Health

Common Questions about Pet Dental Health

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When it comes to pet dental health we often hear the same questions from pet owners here at Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital. At your Bloomington veterinary hospital we want to provide you with the information you need to take care of your pet’s oral health. This will help you decide when you need to bring your pet in for dental treatments. 

Does My Pet Need to Go to a Veterinarian in Bloomington for Dental Care?

Yes, just like humans pets need to go to the dentist for regular dental checkups. These include teeth cleanings, gum assessments, and advanced dental care. The teeth of pets become overrun with bacteria and tarter, which can lead to tooth decay and infection. Therefore we use a deep cleaning tool called a cavitron to get beneath the gum line for the ultimate removal of plague and tarter buildup. We also provide treatments including tooth removal for pets. 

What can I Expect When I Take My Pet to the Dentist at Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital?

When your pet comes to Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital for a dental visit we will begin with a pet wellness panel. A wellness panel is necessary because we put pets under anesthesia to perform a dental cleaning. If your pet is coming to the dentist for a special procedure, such as tooth removal, we will also need to conduct a wellness panel prior to the procedure. 

What if My Pet Needs Tooth Removal During a Dental Procedure?

If your pet needs to have a tooth removed during a dental procedure we may not have the opportunity to get your approval. Therefore we want pet owners to be aware that in certain circumstances we have no choice but to remove your pet’s teeth. Dr. David Tatro will remove teeth only when it is absolutely necessary for your pet’s overall health and wellness. 

Your Bloomington Veterinarian 

As your Bloomington veterinarian, Dr. Tatro makes your pet's overall health a top priority. Part of this general health and wellness includes regular pet dental care. If your pet needs teeth cleaning services or specialized dental care, contact the Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital at 309-663-1414.


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