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  • Common Questions about Pet Dental Health
    Common Questions about Pet Dental HealthWhen it comes to pet dental health we often hear the same questions from pet owners here at Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital. At your Bloomington veterinary Read more
  • Common Questions about the Pet Wellness Panel
    Common Questions about the Pet Wellness PanelIf you are interested in a pet wellness panel at your veterinarian in Bloomington we are here to help. At Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital Read more
  • Flea & Tick Prevention Is Important to Your Pets Overall Health
    Flea & Tick Prevention In Bloomington, IL Is Important to Your Pet’s Overall HealthIf your pet spends even a short time outdoors or in the company of other animals, he Read more
  • What Are The Main Pet Vaccinations
    Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital: What Are the Main Vaccines for Pets From Our Bloomington Veterinarian?At Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital, our Bloomington veterinarian and team is committed to providing your pet Read more
  • Benefits of Walking Your Dog
    The Benefits of Walking Your Dog with Your Bloomington VeterinarianDog ownership provides a great opportunity to increase our exercise and activity levels, but that is just the beginning of the Read more
  • What You Should Do If Your Pet is Injured
    Steps To Take When Your Pet Is InjuredWhen you have an injured pet, you are automatically in crisis mode. You want to get the right medical assistance fast to prevent Read more
  • What To Look For When Pet Boarding
    Pet Boarding with our Bloomington VeterinarianAt Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital, we understand that your pet is a part of your family. But if you are going on vacation, you may Read more
  • Is Radioligy Safe For My Pet?
    X-Rays and Radiology Safety with our Bloomington VeterinarianMany of our patients' owners worry about exposing their pets to the risks that are sometimes associated with the use of diagnostic tools Read more
  • Pet Dental FAQs
    Pet Dental FAQs and Answers from our Bloomington VeterinarianHere at Fairway Knolls Veterinary Hospital, Dr. David Tatro and the team provide comprehensive pet care in Bloomington, IL. A major aspect Read more
  • Heartworm Prevention from our Veterinarian in Bloomington
    Heartworm Prevention Tips in Bloomington, ILHeartworms are some of the most serious parasites a dog can get. As their name implies, they live in the hearts of affected animals. This puts a Read more

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